Undergraduate Courses

Environmental Field Methods – EAS 4420 – Spring                                             Introduction to the acquisition and analysis of environmental (geophysical, geochemical, and meteorological) field data in a coastal environment (Skidaway Island, GA). Samples and data are collected in salt marsh, estuarine, and shallow subsurface environments, as well as from the atmosphere around the island. When possible, a research cruise is conducted across the continental shelf.

Graduate Courses

Geomicrobiology – EAS/BIOL 6765 – Fall                                                               Interactions between microorganisms and the geosphere; microbial energetics and genetics; geochemical controls on microbial diversity and activity; redox and acid-base balances; biogeochemical cycles; evolution.

Geochemical Kinetics – EAS 6712 – Spring
Fundamental principles of biogeochemical kinetics and mathematical treatment of coupled transport and reaction in natural environments. Interpretation of field and experimental data using kinetic theory.