Undergraduate Students

Summer 2022

Claire Fandel (U of Miami) ACE REU Student working on the role of benthic nitrification on the acidification of overlying waters
Claire splitting up pore water samples under nitrogen atmosphere
Zeon Taillefert Mechanics student working on the maintenance and preparation of benthic landers for in situ measurements in marine sediments
Zeon removing water sample syringes obtained from the benthic chamber after deployment

Past Students (last 5 years only)

Emily Burdige (James Madison, REU Student in Aquatic Ecology, Summer 21) Mellany Smith (Wellesley, REU Student in Aquatic Ecology, Summer 21) Amy Moran (Chemistry, Spring 19, Fall 19) Grace McNamee (University of Notre Dame, REU student in Aquatic Ecology, Summer 18) Benjamin Fields (EAS, Summer 17) Anthony Boever (EAS, Summer 17) Heather Crespo (EAS, Spring 17)