Past Students

Graduate Students

Shannon Owings, Ph.D. 2020


Thesis: Importance of manganese oxides in carbon remineralization in river-dominated continental margins and the biogeochemical cycling of arsenic.


Keaton Belli, Ph.D. 2018

Thesis: Geochemical controls of the microbially mediated redox cycling of uranium and iron.


Eryn Eitel, Ph. D. 2018

Thesis: Role of thiols in microbial metal reduction and importance of organic-Fe(III) complexes on the benthic flux of iron from continental margin sediments.

NicoleKiriazis_picNicole Kiriazis, M. S. 2016

Thesis: Evidence for anaerobic nitrate production by iron reduction (Feammox) in deep-sea sediments


Jordon Beckler, Ph.D. 2014

Thesis: The biogeochemical source and role of soluble organic-Fe(III) complexes in continental margin sediments


Kathleen Salome, Ph.D. 2013

Thesis: Nonreductive biomineralization of uranium(VI) as a result of microbial phytase activity

Anna Williams

Anna Williams, M.S. 2012
Thesis: Using flow through reactors to study the non-reductive biomineralization of uranium phosphate minerals

Hui Lin

Hui Lin, Ph.D. 2012
Thesis: Anaerobic reduction of manganese oxides and its effect on the carbon and nitrogen cycles

morris jones

Morris Jones, Ph.D. 2011
Thesis: Soluble organic-Fe(III) complexes: rethinking iron solubility and bioavailability


Deidre Meiggs, Ph.D. 2010
Thesis: Development of autonomous in situ techniques to examine the impacts of dynamic forcings on sediment biogeochemistry in highly productive estuarine ecosystems

Melanie Beazley, Ph.D. 2009
Thesis: Nonreductive biomineralization of uranium(VI) as a result of microbial phosphatase activity

Stephanie Chow, Ph.D.  2007
Thesis: Effects of Biogeochemical and Physical Processes on the Transformation of Trace Metals at Oxic-Anoxic Interfaces in Aquatic Systems

Gwendolyn Bristow, M.S.  2006
Thesis: The effect of tidal forcing on iron cycling in intertidal salt marsh sediments

Jennifer Newton, M.S.  2006
Thesis: Evidence for manganese-catalyzed nitrogen cycling in salt marsh sediments

Elizabeth Carey, M.S.  2003
Thesis: Using plug-flow reactors to determine the role of soluble Fe(III) in the cycling of iron and sulfur in salt marsh sediments

Stephanie Neuhuber, M.S.  2003
Thesis: In situ measurements of redox chemical species with amperometric techniques to investigate the dynamics of biogeochemical processes in aquatic systems

REU Students

Grace McManee (University of Notre Dame, Summer 2018)

Malory Brown (U. California Merced REU, Summer 2016)

Meghan Moser – Ohio State University (Summer 2013).

Justine McCann – Penn State University REU student (Summer 2012).

Rey D. Caban-Medero – U. Puerto Rico (Summer 2011).

Stephanie Lau – Wellesley College REU student (Summer 2010).

Stephanie Murray – Paine College REU Student (Summer 2006).

Joshua Perlman – Cornell U. REU Student (Summer 2005)

Undergraduate Students

Benjamin Fields (EAS, Summer 2017)
Anhony Boever (EAS, Summer 2017)
Heather Crespo (EAS, Spring 2017)

Hannah Greenwald – CEE (Spring 16)
Jeff Ward – ME (Spring 16)
Sienna Creech – ME (Fall 15)

Yi Sun (ME, 2015)

Kevin Spevacek (EAS, 2014)

Matthew Zvolinski (CHEM, 2012)
Elizabeth Tomaszewski (CHEM. 2012) – Ph.D. student at University of Wisconsin
Luke Bentley (ME 2012)
Lily Burkeen (ME 2012)
Nicholas Lombardi (ME 2012)
William Godfrey – (ME 2011) – Engineer at Caterpillar, Inc.
Molly McLaughlin – (CBE/EAS minor 2011) – Ph.D. Student at Colorado State
Colin Dean – (EAS 2010)
Keaton Belli – (EAS 2010) – Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech
Emily Saad – (CHEM/EAS minor 2010) – Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech
Maulik Sheth – (ME 2010)
Sheliza Bhanjee – (EAS 2009)
Patrick Wilson – (EAS 2008) – Cornell University Law School Graduate Student
Wellington ‘Holmes’ Merritt – (EAS 2007) – Kimberly-Clark, Corp.
Jason Peart – (EAS 2007) – Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Atlanta (GA)
Kathleen Salome – (EAS 2007; Ph.D. 2013 Georgia Tech) –
Nathan Wu – (EAS 2007)
Cody Lamb – (EE 2006)
Austen Shantz – (EAS 2006)
Jordon Beckler – (EAS 2006) – EAS Ph.D. Student
Jennifer Schur – (ME 2005) – Shell Exploration Group, New Orleans (LA)
Jimmy Elsenbeck – (EAS 2004; M.S. MIT 2007)
Farhana Yasmin – (CBE B.S./M.S. 2005) – Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Atlanta
Jennifer King – (EAS 2003) – Middle School Teacher, Marrietta (GA)
Dian Putrasahan – (B.S./M.S. in CBE/EAS minor 2004; Ph.D. SCRIPPS 2012) – Postdoc U. Miami
Gwendolyn Bristow – (EAS B.S./M.S. 2003/2006) – Brown & Caldwell Environmental Engineers
Liza Johnson – (EAS 2002)
Lindsay Check (CEE 2001)